Diplomatic codes before 1984

This is the table of diplomatic plates used before 1984. As you can see numbers were assigned alphabetically (at least in Italian), even if this is not always true. I don't know yet the year when these codes started being used, but Guglielmo Evangelista suggested 1957: in fact many states created before 1957 are placed in the right alphabetical order (Libya in 1951, Tunisia in 1956, Ceylon and Ghana in 1957), while some other states created after that year are out of order, probably filling gaps left in the original table (Sudan and Malaysia in 1957, Cyprus in 1959, Nigeria, Congo, Madagascar and Ivory Coast in 1960, Algeria in 1962, Malta in 1964). The last numbers were added later for the states that were created later ot that had finished the previous run, and this is why they're so different from the previous, with the leading 5 (see diplomatic plates).

A list of the new codes, used after 1984, is also available on this site.

00Afghanistan 01Albania 02Saudi Arabia
03Argentina 04Algeria 05Australia
06Austria 07Belgium 08Burma
09Bolivia 10Brazil 11Congo
12Bulgaria 13Canada 14Czechoslovakia
15Sri Lanka 16Chile 17Taiwan
18Ivory Coast 19Colombia 20Korea
21Costa Rica 22Cuba 23Denmark
24Dominican Rep. 25Egypt 26Ecuador
27Cyprus 28Ethiopia 29Philippines
30Finland 31France 32Gabon
33Germany 34Ghana 35Japan
36Jordan 37-8U.K. 39Greece
40Guatemala 41Haiti 42Honduras
43India 44Indonesia 45Iran
46Iraq 47Ireland 48China
49Israel 50Italy (*) 51Yugoslavia
52Kuwait 53Madagascar 54Lebanon
55Liberia 56Libya 57Malaysia
58Malta 59Luxembourg 60Morocco
61Mexico 62Monaco 63Nepal
64Nicaragua 65Norway 66Nigeria
67S.M.O.M. 68Netherlands 69Pakistan
70New Zealand 71Panama 72Paraguay
73Peru 74Poland 75Portugal
76Romania 77San Marino 78El Salvador
79Senegal 80Somalia 81Spain
82Syria 83-5U.S.A. 86South Africa
87Sweden 88Switzerland 89Thailand
90Tunisia 91Turkey 92Hungary
93U.S.S.R. 94Sudan 95Uruguay
96Vatican (**) 97Venezuela 98Yemen
99Zaire 500Zambia 501Guinea
502Tanzania 503Sierra Leone 504Middle Africa
505Bangladesh 506G.D.R. 507Vietnam
508Oman 509Cameroon 510Burkina Faso
511Mali 512Angola 513?
514U.S.S.R. (added) 515Egypt (added) 516U.A.E.
533Germany (added) 581Spain (added)

(*) Used for the Italina Embassy in Vatican City.
(**) Used for the Vatican embassy in Italy.

Many thanks to Guglielmo Evangelista for this table of codes.

Plates in Rome by Michele Berionne